Things to Know Before Dying Your Hair

Most people wonder about hair color correction and why is it so expensive and time-consuming unlike other kinds of hair treatment. So, read through the whole article if you are also having these thoughts and questions.  


hair dye professional, FL makes sure that your hair is healthy despite the different hair colors you put so there is no wonder why it can take so long and cost too much.  

What is color correction? 


There are many types of hair color corrections and the two primary types are making really light hair much darker and making darker hair much lighter. Have you tried going into the salon and bleached your hair into white? Making your hair super blonde is not that easy as you think it is. The color correction allows for the hair to be goodly colored the way how you want it to be. After the dyeing, the hair of the person will be more prone to lighten, lift, or lift unevenly. The professional colorists will then put or use more color on top of the reddish or orange tones to cancel out these tones that can be very problematic with the kind of color you desire.  


If you have some platinum blonde hair color and you want it to go darker, the professional hair colorists will need to fill your hair with a red color and put the desired tone on the top of filler after the color is rinsed out. This is important because this will provide warm pigments for the dark color to grab on to.  


There are some color corrections that are a lot easier compared to others that can be done within more than just one appointment, while others can be just be done within a few hours. However long the process can be, one thing will remain: the process is not easy to do.  


Why is it Expensive? 


The very reason why it is expensive is that the whole process of color correction is that it can take up the entire day of the stylist. This means that when they do hair color correction, they will have fewer accents to clients and lesser profits in a day. The typical hair color correction can take up to six hours or more besides the fact that the stylist needs to be put a lot of color products on the hair to get the desired tone. In addition, it is crucial to put too much hair color without damaging the hair and scalp. It also needs expertise in putting the right color to get rid of the green tones, brassy tones, red tones, etc., which is a very massive step in the whole process.  


How do you know that you need a hair color correction? 


You would know you need a hair color correction when you do not like the color of the hair you have just put. A lot of people tend to put color on their hair and find out, after weeks, that the color becomes brassy or the brunette is a little red. Some of the people wouldn’t like it so they opt for a hair color correction.  





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